FDA Clearance assures the end-users of the safety and efficacy of the device.

When a device is FDA cleared, the FDA has explored the research evidence surrounding the light therapy and the manufacturer’s compliance with mandated regulatory restriction.

FDA ClearedALL of our devices are FDA Cleared for Pain Reduction and Circulation Improvement
The FDA classification code is 890.5500, clearance K153389.

All of our systems can be used both professionally in a clinic and by people at home as part of their continuing therapy. Common pad designs between clinical and home units allow our clients to receive the same benefits at home as in the clinic.

Blue, Red, and Infrared differ in wavelength and depth of penetration into the skin. 

  • Blue can range from 400 – 450 nanometers and affects the epidermis layer of the skin. Blue light affects the surface of the skin with a penetrating depth of 2-3mm.
  • Red can range from 600 – 700 nanometers and affects the dermis layer of the skin. Red light affects the next deeper layer of the skin with a penetrating depth of 8-10mm.
  • Infrared can range from 800 – 1000 nanometers and affects the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Infrared light penetrates the deepest and affects deeper layers of tissue with a penetrating depth of 20-100mm.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is a form of light therapy that is a relatively recent outgrowth from the laser industry.

LED’s are similar to lasers inasmuch as they have the same healing effects but differ in the way that the light energy is delivered.

LEDs disperse light (red, blue, or infrared) over a greater surface area; this tends to result in shorter overall treatment times for a given area than laser.

LED’s are selected by wavelengths that are most beneficial to the physiologic response. It is the light pulsed at specific wavelengths that produce the therapeutic effect, not the device that delivers it.

Infrared light is in the invisible spectrum of light.

Research indicates that it can penetrate through skin and tissue and have a direct effect on denser bone structures. It is part of an emerging technology of light currently used in clinical and home settings.

It is as simple as placing the pads LED light-side-down against the skin of the target area, turning the controller on, and waiting until the session has ended.

The Red and Infrared light release Nitric Oxide from the hemoglobin and surrounding tissue.

Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that is known to relax smooth muscle cells found in the arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymph vessels. When these structures relax, they dilate the blood vessel, thus allowing increased circulation.

Pulsed frequencies or waveforms have been shown to be more effective than non-pulsed, and those pulsed to the tissue resonance frequencies of Dr. Nogier’s brilliant science are the most effective when working on the body.

Solfeggio frequencies (which originate from ancient tones) utilize a different set that aligns with a parasympathetic response. Excellent for stress reduction, relaxation, and meditation.

The multi-pulsing light frequencies, according to studies, seem to be more important than the wavelength (color of light) in the healing response for most conditions.

The 6-Port Pro System is full-sized and can run up to six pads per session, with ALL pulsed frequency technology built in.  It offers three auto-programmed cumulative sets of frequencies, or select manual frequency settings 1-7. 
Select any of the Automatic Settings (Auto A, B, or C) or select one of the manual modes, press the SET button until the desired setting is shown in the display. Press START to initiate the session, and the unit will operate in that setting until it powers off. The unit will switch off automatically after 20 minutes in any mode.

  • The “A” Channel utilizes Nogier-like frequencies. Including “Ectoderm” which addresses the skin, nerves, brain, eyes, and ears.
  • The “B” Channel Solfeggio-like frequencies. Aligning with the parasympathetic, and is an excellent consideration for stress reduction, relaxation, and meditation. Supporting the natural healing phase of the body and sleep. Including “Endoderm” which addresses the GI tract, liver, pancreas, and other organs.
  • The “C” Channel utilizes a blend of A & B. Including “Mesoderm” which addresses the bones, joints, muscles, plus Solfeggio.

As an example, some people prefer using A-Channel in the morning, and the B channel for relaxation at night. Rotating through the channels is also preferred in order to give your body the best blend of all combinations.

The 2-Port System is compact-sized and can run up to two pads per session.
It offers one auto-programmed cumulative set of frequencies, or select manual frequency settings 1-7. 

To use Auto Setting A, simply turn the system ON. To use Manual Mode, press the SET button until the desired LED indicator is illuminated. The unit will operate in that setting until it powers off. The unit will switch off automatically after 20 minutes in any mode.

Our LED pads are all designed to increase circulation in the local area of their placement. The pad shapes were created to accommodate consumer requests for ease of application.

While some pads are designed to fit certain parts of the body better, ANY pad can be used on any part of the body. The only exception is not to use infrared pads directly over the eyes. The facemask is designed for use over the eyes and is also beneficial for other uses as well.

  • The Red & Blue LEDs in the facemask are safely used on the face; near or over the eyes.
  • The Red & Infrared LED pads are typically used when increased circulation at the deepest levels is desired. For example, muscle soreness or joint pain.
  • The Blue & Infrared LED pads are typically used for shallow/topical skin issues like infections and wounds.
  • The Red, Blue & Infrared LED pads reach shallow skin depths and deep tissue all in one pad.

Protecting the LED Pads
Placing the LED Pads in an inexpensive off-the-shelf plastic bag (baggie) as a barrier works perfectly. Be sure to cover the LED Pads with a clear plastic bag when using the lights on an open wound or feet. Cling wrap is another easy way to protect the LED Pads and keep them clean.

10″ x 30″ 1Mil Poly bags are available through product# s-10890.

Cleaning the LED Pads
You can use a variety of antimicrobial wipes to clean and disinfect the LED Pads. You can also spray a cloth with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution (1:10 bleach solution) and lightly wipe the LED Pads with the cloth.

Reconditioning the LED Pads
Deeply soiled and/or worn pads may also be refurbished to restore them like-new. The manufacturer offers a reconditioning service for a nominal fee. Click here for details.


Polychromatic light therapy means that more than one (1) light wavelength, or color, is used simultaneously.

InLight Medical™ uses at least two (2) different light wavelengths in every pad.

LED-ANIMThe use of light therapy with infrared diodes can help promote the healing process in the body. At the basic level, all cells in the body have a miniature power plant within, called the mitochondria. This is where our cells’ energy is produced. The technical term for this energy is Adenosine Tri-Phosphate or ATP for short. ATP is formed from oxygen and glucose, both of which are carried to cells by blood flow.

Research that has been done on light therapy has shown benefits with red, blue, and infrared lights.


Pre-programmed sets A, B, and C are cumulative programs of each frequency (available only on 6-Port controllers), while manual settings 1-7 increase in frequency in the rate of pulsing in each LED.

The standard protocol for treatment is twice a day for 20 minutes per session as follows:

  • Utilize a pre-programmed set (A, B, or C) for a full 20-minute session, or manually select a specific setting (1-7) for a full 20-minute session.
  • Additional sessions may speed up results.
  • Do not apply to an area for more than 20 minutes in a 5-hour period.
  • Do not exceed 60 minutes of application to an area in a 24-hour period.
  • Durability, high quality, and level of the light output set the Irivisium Superflux Diodes far apart from the rest.
  • These Irivisium Superflux Diodes are designed to have a lifetime of 200,000 hours.

Not at this time. The inconsistency of power level varies too much from a battery-powered source, therefore the performance value would be lost.

All of our systems require standard 110-volt power and need to be plugged into a standard home wall outlet.

Customers have shared stories and photos using the devices on their animals with positive results!

The MUTE button enables you to choose between enabling or disabling the “beeping” at the end-of-session.


Warranty & Repairs
InLight warranties each new device to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Costs for repairs outside of the warranty period are the responsibility of the customer.

The obligation of InLight under this warranty is expressly, solely, and exclusively limited to the repair for the unit(s) or any parts thereof, which to the satisfaction of InLight, shall have become defective during the warranty period. This warranty does not extend to any liability to medical expenses or for any other direct, indirect, or consequential damages caused by failure, defect, or malfunction of any InLight product, except as herein provided.

This warranty shall not apply to any InLight product that has been repaired, tampered with, or altered by someone other than a duly authorized InLight representative, or that has not been used in accordance with the enclosed instructions or stated purpose. All accessories used with an InLight device must be provided by InLight or authorized representative including, but not limited to, the power supply and securing straps. If accessories of this nature not provided by InLight, or an authorized representative, are used with an InLight system, this warranty will be voided. Additionally, InLight will not be held liable for any mishaps related to the InLight product.

This warranty is warranted by InLight and is deemed to be the only warranty honored by InLight in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or provided by any and all other merchants, distributors, companies, or persons. No person or entity has the authority to bind InLight products to any warranty or guarantee except as specifically set forth herein.

If you have any questions, please contact Essential Light Therapy. (720) 772-7999

Repair & Shipping Cost
The cost to repair a single pad or controller is $75.00 plus shipping to the manufacturer. If your system and pads are still under warranty, there is no cost for the warranty repair itself, however, you are required to cover the cost of shipping charges to the manufacturer – but not back to you.

Preparing your Package to Send

  1. Please include the following contact information in your package:
    • Your First & Last Name
    • Your Return Shipping Address
    • The best Phone number to reach you when your repair is complete
    • Most Importantly, the best email to contact you
  2. If this is a warranty repair (within the 2-year warranty period), please be sure to include a copy of the purchase receipt.
  3. It is very important that ALL parts of a system are included in the package for repair (even if it appears that just the pad seems to be the problem). When the whole system (controller, pads, power cords with transformer) is sent, a proper diagnosis can be done, and the repair process is completed much quicker, and without delay.
  4. When the repair is completed the manufacturer will contact you directly via email or phone.
  5. After you have been contacted, please call our answering service to provide your credit card information via phone, and confirm the address it is to be sent back to (888) 455-4116.

Choose any of the following shipping services:
USPS, UPS, or FedEx and send your package to:

In Light Therapy, Inc.
Attn: In Light Repair Team
2703 Broadbent Parkway NE Suite H
Albuquerque, NM 87107

If you have any questions, please contact Essential Light Therapy. (720) 772-7999

Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information contained on this website is for educational purposes only. InLight Therapy devices are not intended to be used to treat, cure, or prevent any disease; or to be used as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor for any and all medical advice.