Every day is Light Therapy Day

Every day is Light Therapy Day

Light therapy, you have been in my life every day for the past 2 years. You help me through my stomach aches, comfort me when I throw my back out, relax me when I have a stressful day, take away the sting of my sunburn, reduce my fine lines, and help me manage morning headaches and pains. These experiences have built our newfound relationship.

The two things we share in common: we take care of my body, and share the same interest in helping others. With this common interest, it allows me to forge ahead in sharing all the wonderful benefits you provide my body. You have brought purpose to my life making it worthwhile and fulfilling.

I will continue to lean on you to stay healthy. It’s time for me to start demonstrating my appreciation for you. Lights, you provide me with the relief and the wellness I look for every day, and I vow to share my knowledge with others.


Here’s to my newfound journey: SimplyInLight

LED light therapyI will share our story with everyone. I’ve seen the results; light therapy is scientifically proven and I know what it can do. Having full access to LED Light Therapy every day supports my body by helping it to become stronger and healthier. Red and Infrared LED lights penetrate those deep areas of pain and inflammation by releasing Nitric Oxide to improve circulation in the body. Blue LED lights regulate the sleep cycle while destroying the bad bacteria that causes acne or fighting off those nasty colds.

Lights are the first step to getting back to living. In addition to lights, you will need to get enough rest and eat right so you can repair, regenerate and rebuild healthy cells. Everyone is different. Know this will take time. Nothing happens overnight.

“You are the only one who can change you. You are the only one who can make decisions for yourself. No excuses. Chase after the body, mind, and health that you want.”  ~ Unknown Author